Clarity, Foundation & Mindset

Innovate with

tendencias en accion

Empathic Intelligence for Design and Innovation

We focus on human-centered innovation

Through innovative research, empathic methods, and the development of a transformative mindset.

We provide the brand territories and qualitative intelligence to generate creative and innovative strategies.

We facilitate scenarios to innovate at the right timing, with the power to transcend and evolve.

We enable the structure to cultivate innovation: Accompanying companies and brands to develop their ideas and strengthen their teams.

Our pillars

“Clarity is the heart of action”

Our innovation solutions generate intelligence to design strategies that connect with people and take advantage of market opportunities.

All construction requires strong foundations.

We provide the knowledge base to innovate intelligently and in the right territory.

Innovation is possible because of people.

We design learning and accompaniment experiences to train the innovative mind.

Transform through innovation

Innovation as your brand DNA

Brand Innovation Solutions

  • TAM Trends in Action Manuals

    for "cool" brands that add value

    Research for Design and Innovation.

    Qualitative digital intelligence and empathic methodologies for strategic and creative development. Innovation insights and consumer trends.

  • Cocreation Workshops

    yes! collective intelligence

    Collective intelligence sessions for innovation strategies development.

    For brands that seek to generate creative and innovative strategies with the power of their work teams and stakeholders.

  • Creative Consulting

    never alone! we guide and accompany you

    1-1 sessions for team and project leaders.

    Creative accompaniment for innovation processes.

  • Training

    conferences, workshops, training

    Creative and innovative skills development conferences, training, and workshops.

    Innovation and creativity learning experiences for organizations.

What moves us forward

The best thing about working with Erlin and Stefan is that you don’t have to worry about anything.

In addition to being great professionals, they take excellent care of the delivery times and quality.

Working with them means always finding a creative and effective solution to any problem your company may have.


The experience with the Innovation Consultancy was incredible, it takes you by the hand in an almost magical process where everything you are, what you want, the paths and the possibilities are captured.

TRENDSform is a company I trust. Its services are ideal for companies and professionals who seek to innovate by making the best use of their resources, creating empathic solutions and adding value. I totally recommend it.

Our #TRENDSletter:

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What can we do for you?

  • Develop strategies with the right foundation.
  • Get the benefits of collective intelligence with our Co-creation Sessions
  • We accompany your creative processes with our 1-1 creative consulting sessions
  • We forge your team’s Mindset our Training experiences
  • Contact us if it is of your interest in the development of creative and innovation skills.
  • Do you have a project in mind? We would love to support you.
  • We present you our Innovation Lab for Entrepreneurs where we develop the Propersonal Innovation Methodology
  • We help you develop your business idea in the Propersonal Session
  • We support you in your process with personalized Mentoring sessions

Time to innovate!

It all starts with a first step