Más allá del logo Descubre las claves de la innovación de marca

Beyond the Logo: Discover the Keys to Brand Innovation.

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Branding today is essential for businesses of all sizes. It is much more than logos and colors, it represents the complete identity of the business, its past, present and future.

The personality of a brand is what calls us to listen to it, connect with its message and believe in it. It differentiates us in the competitive world we live in, where all brands have a global scenario that increases exponentially day by day.

Focusing on placing the brand at the center of the business is not only for consumer-facing companies. Whether B2B or B2C, all brands rely on the connection with people, with the public that listens to us and interacts with us. Developing a congruent and people-centered brand is a reality that no one is spared.

The brand is a driver of the entire business model, it is fundamental to the commercial strategy and impacts the entire value chain. Visibility is paramount, as well as the internal clarity of what it represents (because the people within the company are also part of the brand).

In short, today everything is a brand. As professionals we have a brand, as small businesses, freelancers, department stores, and companies; we are all brands in the professional world. Why? Because we need to connect, transmit, and have a reputation of trust and visibility to develop and build bridges to new opportunities, products, markets. To grow in a changing world.


Today, the need to connect in an authentic way also falls on the brand.

We are looking for coherence in the world we live in. People seek authenticity because it provides a sense of truth, sincerity and transparency. Authentic is something special, real and genuine. When a person thinks it is so, they open up to the trust of generating an emotional connection and that it has meaning, feeling a concordance with their values and beliefs. Then, and only then, the bond is forged.

Today, brands have to work on an internal reflection and work to become authentic brands. Those that are consistent with their identity and values, transmit a real and sincere image to the public. An authentic brand is important because it allows companies to connect emotionally with their customers, build a relationship of trust and loyalty, and provide them with meaningful and genuine experiences.


Trust: An aspect that includes all companies and sectors 

People’s trust in your company is the most important and valuable aspect you can have as a business. In some cases, it is not always easy to obtain. But if a company does not work with its brand, inside and outside, it will have even more difficulties to get people to trust it. Brands today have to be clear and focused on transparency, accountability and connection beyond the service they promote.


Brand Innovation: 9 Keys to think about how to innovate your brand.


Brand innovation focuses on taking advantage of this asset to evolve and adapt or even get ahead of the times, conquering your audience. I briefly mention here 9 points on which I invite you to reflect. These are different guidelines to take into account in order to innovate your brand and impact positively your entire business:


  • Brand innovation takes into account the whole environment, but is focused on the human connection.


  • Innovating can mean rethinking the concept of the brand itself (Why does it exist? Who is it for? How does it manifest itself?).


  • Research for context, of the world around us. Discover changes in our consumers, trends and the market. Brands today must be agile and responsive. So research and active listening to our consumers and people involved with our brand allows us to innovate continuously and profitably.


  • Listen constantly to your consumer. Here I repeat myself. Don’t stop getting to know them, and attending to their needs and calls. The keys may be in what they say, that their voice is imperative for your transformations.


  • Innovating a brand in a genuine way is about finding the match between what you are as a company and what your consumer really values. This is the foundation for success.


  • Branding involves the entire organization. Innovating a brand can be a collaborative effort that involves all stakeholders.


    • Brand innovation does not only take place in a marketing office. Engineers, developers, designers, marketers, researchers and customers are an important intelligence part of the process.


  • Brands have experiences that go beyond a product and service. They connect with people’s daily lives and aspirations.


  • Innovating your brand means shaping a promise and delivering on it consistently. This is what conveys a distinct identity and trust.


  • Brands are moments. They create memorable moments that confer meaning, intent and value to your target audience.



Branding is fundamental in today’s business world, as it represents the complete identity of a business and its connection to people. Innovating requires a matching internal and external process to generate consistent and authentic experiences. Brands are linked to people’s emotions and behaviors, listening attentively. Continuously researching and activating the findings detonates the agility to seize opportunities to connect in an authentic and meaningful way, generating trust.

This leads to charting the evolution of the business itself and its capacity for transcendence.


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